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The tradition of our kitchen can be traced back to the very basic but elegant mud potteries. A culture that we behold close to our heart. No matter whichever part of India or the world we belong to, we can always immediately connect with it. Still, to this date, earthen pottery and craft stand as a reminiscence of our ancient heritage, a tell-tale story of human evolution, when men from being hunter-gatherers settled into community living and discovered many new techniques of crop cultivation, farming, cattle rearing, and the art of making pots, and cooking. It took mankind a few millennia through their travels, experiences, war, and history to prepare the different kinds of delicacies and cuisines that we so casually enjoy today. In its effort to bring back the nostalgia of the past, Earthen Delicacies brings to you a few of the most distinctive and palatable dishes especially of India on your dining table, making you feel the lost epoch. All our delicacies are made with high-quality ingredients with an in-house blend of spices, and flavours that render each preparation its authentic taste.


Did you know Earthen Delicacies is among the first few eco- friendly restaurants?

“Food is a Need, Waste is Not" - This is the maxim that Earthen Delicacies wishes to Achieve.

The food industry is one of the biggest pollution source, by alone generating more than 40% of the world’s non- biodegradable waste. Our team has been constantly working hard to make the entire process as much eco-friendly possible for the last three years, and have made a great impact to say the least.

So the saying, “Earthen Delicacies is not just arestaurant but more than it!”


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